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Accelerate Our Firm's Growth & Keep Everyone Motivated

It is undeniable that Weekly Meetings could help the LLRRD team focus on the company's main priority, and the big rocks bolster that mission.

The Weekly Meeting we organize is usually around 60 - 90 minutes to discuss, review progress on the quarterly priorities and address other important topics in our interior design and renovation business. We believe this will allow us to resolve most of the essential issues and bring us closer to the company's main priority, such as being the best among the best interior designers and contractors in Malaysia or beyond.

Our Weekly Meetings are action-oriented, focused on addressing critical issues and making decisions, resolving problems right on the spot, if any, and keeping everyone in the team connected and up-to-date. Without a doubt, the Weekly Meetings, when run correctly regularly, will create positive change, drive results and boost morale.

In short, the benefits of the weekly team meeting are extensive and, of course, include some perks such as cutting down on email, decluttering irrelevant tasks, goals, and processes, and boosting mutual trust among the team member. Hence, it is a great way to keep our team members engaged, motivated, efficient, agile, and productive.

Moving forward, we will use this Weekly meeting to help our team members pick the tasks to focus on first. This will enable them to create a more significant impact while doing the same amount of work for the company.

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