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Commercial Workspaces Interior Design Types

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Undeniably, designing interiors for commercial workspaces can be challenging for us as an interior design firm. We have to ensure the space must be efficient and cost-effective but, at the same time, create a unique and engaging experience for its users. The expectations are constantly evolving, for example. Hence, LLRRD must regularly adapt our interiors to reflect the client's up-to-date taste. Fortunately, some modern trends are helping us stay agile with our designs.

So, what are those popular interior design types for commercial workspaces? The following paragraphs will briefly tell you the most efficient types of interior designing styles for commercial workplaces in case you are considering setting up a new workspace or improving an existing office with LLRRD, the Top 20 interior design, and renovation firm in Kuala Lumpur.

Open Plans

It is a commercial interior design style that involves using larger spaces and minimizing the creation of small enclosed rooms. This design hardly involves walls, giving the workspace an airy and open look. It provides a more transparent and better view across the space and enhances seamless collaboration between the employees. It prevents you from making the office space look crammed by using more walls and building smaller cabins or cubicles, mainly if you are dealing with smaller or limited space.

Industrial Office Design

Industrial office design has been the most popular interior design type for workspace since the early 2000s. This type of design is for companies who like to think creatively and provide workspaces with a different yet exotic look. It deliberately gives a rustic, old and unfinished look to a workspace. The elements applied in such design include seemingly unfinished wooden furniture, raw brick walls, uncovered open spaces, and many more. Companies such as creative agencies or cafes usually use industrial office design to stand out from the clutter and drive innovation through design.

Homely Touch

Since the pandemic, most employees now prefer working remotely; realizing this, most companies have started setting up hybrid workspaces. This has driven many businesses to incorporate the comfortable elements of one's home into the workspace design. Commercial interior designs give a homely touch, including soft couches, cushy seats, recreational spaces, a kitchen, and other elements that make the employees feel at home.

Multipurpose Spaces

The space available to set up a commercial workspace usually is limited, particularly in the cities, and multipurpose interior designs are the best to make the most of the space available. This design allows you to use a single area for multiple reasons. For example, you can use a dedicated space of your office as a kitchen, cafeteria, recreational area, and even staff lounge. Adding or removing specific furniture and furnishings allows you to change the purpose of the space without the need to build multiple sections within the workspace itself.

Tech-Savvy Furniture

A workspace may use technology and digital services in the current era. If you set up a new workspace, you would likely need to set up digital devices for each employee. The use of tech-savvy furniture articles allows employees to go about doing their work in a hassle-free manner. From creating outlets for cords in the desks to adding charging sockets at an arm’s length for employees, making tech-savvy furniture is undoubtedly the need of the hour.

Ergonomic Workspaces

If previous years, employees used to work 8 to 9 hours while sitting at their dedicated desks, but now the work hours have become more flexible. The employees often spend more time at work to get their work done. In such cases, conventional office furniture is no longer the healthiest option. This is where ergonomic workspaces come into the picture. Using ergonomic chairs, tables, and other furniture articles provides comfort, helps employees work long hours, and improves their productivity without hampering their health.

So, these are some of the most efficient interior design styles for commercial workspaces that you may consider for your office. As an established interior design firm with many years of experience in the field, we will always ensure that your commercial interiors are in sync with the personality and essence of your brand. Contact us if you need professional help for your commercial or office interior design project!

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