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Digital Signage: Build & Design For Baosteel Packaging (Malaysia)

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

We have recently been working on the digital signage build and design for our existing client, Baosteel Packaging (Malaysia), a manufacturer of the metal packaging products such as aluminum beverage cans and other relevant products. It is owned by Shanghai Baosteel Packaging Co Ltd, a company listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and a subsidiary of China Baowu Steel Group Corporation Ltd.

Previously, LLRRD was an appointed interior designer for the new office and landscape of Baosteel Malaysia in Selangor. The working relationships between Baosteel Malaysia and LLRRD were further developed when we were again asked to design and build the digital signage for the lobby of Baosteel Packaging Sdn Bhd's main building. This indirectly shows that the LLRRD team has delivered good interior design work before and has built trust and confidence in our clients, making them remain one of our main clients. We thank you, Baosteel Packaging (Malaysia), for this.

It is undeniable that installing digital signage or board can impact the building’s physical features and electrical wiring. Besides the digital signage design, we ensured our team was prepared beforehand for easier installation. The location should also match its purpose, and to maximize its effect, we ensure there will be no glare, and people can see it easily when walking in.

The main aim of this digital signage is to improve Baosteel Packaging's (Malaysia) communication and branding. The signage is needed to facilitate easy interaction, reduce traffic congestion in the lobby, and improve information delivery while being aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient. The signage is also needed to enable quick content updates while providing a variety of end-user functions to meet its employees' or other stakeholders' needs.

Generally, LLRRD will work closely with its client to integrate the latest technology into new construction designs or refresh projects. If you need a custom solution, LLRRD will provide initial guidance on integrating digital signage components into projects, drawings, and specifications at every step needed and ongoing guidance as a project evolves. We are uniquely experienced in providing creative solutions to help you with innovative technologies to meet overall project expectations, if not exceed them.

As one of the Top 20 interior design companies in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, and with many years of experience in the interior design and construction field, we are here to help you incorporate digital signs that are creative and sure to make a lasting impression.

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