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The Importance Of Support By The Right Teamwork & Management

The right team and management are the most crucial that need to be taken into account in any company, particularly for the companies involved in providing customer-oriented services fields, like us, LLRRD, the interior design & renovation company in Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

LLRRD is operated by a group of professional and skilled team members to deliver quality services and ensure our clients are in good hands. At LLRRD, we pair an interior designer or a member of that staff that best suits clients' personalities and styles. They have the option to work with one contact throughout the entire project. The following paragraphs will give you a better insight into the structure of our team.

Aside from being the LLRRD Founder, the most valuable asset is the team. The quality of supporting the team contributes to the company's success is crucial. When we first began this business, we carefully reviewed what part we planned to play in that growth and what kind of staffing was needed to help accomplish the company goals. Staffing the business with the best quality of people is our highest priority.

The Founder

As the top person at the LLRRD, our Founder plays essential roles that include establishing and communicating the design vision for the company; overseeing projects from the planning through design phases, construction, and installation; managing all financials such as budgeting, invoicing, purchasing, and proposals; generating new business; interfacing with clients and recruiting employees. The Founder also loves sharing what he has learned to encourage his team members to develop their careers in the field further.

Consultant Architecture

Our Consultant Architecture is responsible for the buildings and other structures design consultations. The person holding this position works with our clients to determine project needs and then creates a plan that meets those needs. Also oversees the construction process to ensure the project is built according to the procedures. She often works on renovating and restoring existing structures and may be involved in some of the design landscaping elements.

Consultant Designer

The initial duty of our Consultant Designer is to meet and learn about our client's needs. Following that, she might need to submit blueprints or drawings depending on clients' ideas and our design expertise. Flooring, wallpaper, paint, furniture, window coverings, room accessories, and lighting would be suggested, and samples would be provided. She provides our client's pricing and budget information and engages subcontractors if required. She also frequently collaborates with architects and other project participants. The duty gradually expands to include architectural elements such as moldings and woodwork accents.

Senior Designer Coordinator

The Senior Designer Coordinator is responsible for all project deliverables and schedules. He is tasked with managing all technical aspects of a project, collaborating with the project managers and design team members on design presentations, project conception, development, and execution. The person holding this position is adept at space planning, finish selection, product/furniture specification, and budgeting.

Project Coordinator & Designer Team

The role of the Project Coordinator & Designer team includes responsibility for all aspects of planning, budgeting, and execution for interior design projects. They must create a detailed project plan, including technical models and estimates for time and materials, and collaborate with design team members to execute the project within the agreed time frames and budget.

Impeccable interpersonal skills are required to negotiate with construction crews, interface with clients, and work within the design team. In short, they manage the necessary resources and activities to achieve the goals or objectives of a project within a specified time.

Project Designer Team

Having a Project Designer team with a wide range of interior decorators is necessary to understand certain concepts and implement them during the development stage of the interior design project. They are adept at working on a project from start to finish, monitoring the progress, collaborating with a team, consulting clients, and meeting project deadlines on time and within budget.

Generally, their role is multifaceted but begins with providing accurate and professional advice for the development and execution of interior design services across the commercial or residential sectors. They provide initial design concepts and space planning proposals, specifications on products and materials, and coordinate with intersecting trades to manage a project from concept to completion.

Quantity Surveyor

Our Quantity Surveyor studies drawings and specifications to calculate needed materials and track costs throughout the build. The general responsibilities included pre-contract or post-contract duties, taking off quantities, cost control, variations, finalization of charge, and tender administrative responsibilities such as:

  • Preparation of overall budgetary quotations for clients

  • Sourcing, comparing and liaising with existing and new suppliers for materials and pieces of equipment

  • Ensuring clients and company's financial & resource requirements are met by coordinating with both the sales & design team

Admin Account

Our Admin Account provides vital administrative support to our team so that we can deliver projects on time and with all the details taken care of. The person holding this position is responsible for our company procurement, purchase orders, monitoring orders and deliveries, data entry, managing budgets and reporting, and acting as a liaison between suppliers and designers.

Site Support Team

The Site Support team works and communicates closely with the interior designers, overseeing construction or renovation processes. They are, of course, invaluable team members to have when you are about to undertake a renovation project. And they are doing all the hard and dirty work to ensure the assigned tasks can be completed smoothly.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is crucial for our business because it allows us to reach our clientele in new ways or platforms. This position is responsible for planning and implementing the company's digital marketing strategies. These strategies aim to engage customers and drive revenue through online channels such as search engines, social media networks, advertising platforms, and email.


Like other industries, LLRRD also provides some placements for college/university students to undergo their internship period. The internship opportunities could be open for students in architecture, interior design, quantity surveying, accounting, and any other relevant field.

Our interns usually have the chance to gain knowledge and experience in all aspects of the design process. It may include client services, design projects, and working with proposals. With our unique tailored internships and dedicated placement team, we work with interns to match them with the best segments/fields. Support from them is indeed crucial as we look forward to improving our overall interior design and renovation process.

It can be concluded that teamwork in a company allows us to see things differently and uniquely. And that's the reason why teamwork and collaboration are incredibly crucial in the design and construction field, as they ensure efficiency, safety, and fantastic result. Hence, diversity in design is essential because having a wide variety of perspectives at the table throughout the design process allows us to design more inclusive experiences for a broader audience.

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