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Interior Design & Renovation Work In Progress: A Health Care Center, Cyberjaya

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

It is an honor when the LLRRD team is appointed to take charge of the interior design and renovation of the health care center in Cyberjaya, Selangor. It is a smart decision to have our professional help for this project because working with us means less stress and headache, and costly mistakes can be avoided as the work gets underway.

Many think hiring an interior designer is costly, but it can save you money. That’s because we are your creative guide, a meticulous planner, and a project manager, all rolled into one. You can rely on us to visualize your design and manage the work from start to finish, lowering the chances of something going wrong.

But before you hire an interior designer like us, of course, you need to understand how we will contribute to your space transformation project. The following is roughly our typical process for you to take note of.

Ideas, Themes & Styles Discussion

Show us your preferred interior design images and explain what you like about each of them. We will provide feedback on the elements you like and whether they can be achieved in your space.

Discuss the “feel” you want the space to have or, if you have a limited budget, ways to incorporate ready-made solutions such as IKEA furniture. From these meetings, you should be able to tell whether we understand your preferences and has previous experience doing similar work.


Once you are satisfied with the discussion and our suggestions, we can proceed with the formal hiring process. This will involve documentation such as the contract, working permit, insurance application form, and other relevant documents.

For this Cyberjaya interior design and renovation project, we help our clients apply for licenses, renovation permits, design, and many more.

Project Planning

We will then prepare and submit a project plan and work out timelines and payment schedules for you to meet your expected completion date. We may need to pad on more time depending on the type of space you have.


This part of the process involves taking detailed measurements of your space to prepare the initial sketches. It would be best if you also had given us your floor plan and any design ideas discussed.

Initial Sketches

We will produce a rough sketch based on the theme and ideas you discussed. Initially, this will be the basis of what can be added to the area and give you some idea of how the new space will look like. This will help you narrow down the ideas and help us move to detailed specs and 3D rendering.

Technical Specifications & Interior Detailing

Once you approve the initial sketch, the next step is to prepare a detailed floor layout plan incorporating the technical specifications and detailing for the area. Some of the details that will be nailed down include the following:

  • placement of air-con units

  • quantity and placement of various lighting, such as downlights or spotlights

  • size and placement of furniture and fixtures

Illustration & 3D Drawing

Once you agree with the specs and detailing, we will produce an illustration and 3D drawing incorporating all the exact measurements, colors, and textures. This part will give you the best visualization of the new space's appearance once the work is done.

Material Selection & Procurement

The next step is to decide on the quality of materials for flooring, countertops, doors, and other areas. As one of the Top 20 interior design companies in Kuala Lumpur & Selangor, we will always suggest that our client's materials achieve the look while balancing durability and budget. But again, the final choice of materials is up to you, so it’s best to research the pros and cons before deciding.

The material quality and quantity have the most significant influence on the price. Thus, it may not be possible for us to offer any significant cost savings for you here. As such, you may want to source or procure the materials yourself if you are confident you know the exact details.

Dismantling & Demolition

This is when the actual on-site work will start. If it is an existing space with fixtures, there may need to be significant demolition or hacking involved. There may also be time needed to dismantle all the built-ins to make way for the new interior design.


Once demolition and removal have been completed, it’s time to prepare the plumbing, wiring, and electrical conduits. We will also install the built-ins, such as custom cabinets. At this stage, you are advised to inspect the measurements, quantity, and materials delivered before they are installed.

After the inspection and another measuring round, it is time to put all the pieces together. A carpenter will be brought in for the cabinets to do the installation, supervised by our experienced interior designer. Other works, such as tiling and masonry, will also be carried out by the respective experts. The installation of lighting, aircon units, and painting also be completed at this stage.


Once the work for the permanent and semi-permanent structures has been completed, our interior design will proceed to the furnishing work. This includes the installation of curtains and blinds, arranging the furniture, hanging artwork on the wall, and accessorizing the rooms with free-standing lights, carpets, pillows, and such.

Completing a complex interior design process and renovation doesn’t just happen by accident. It requires a lot of research, effort, and work on both sides. We work closely with our client to ensure the Cyberjaya interior design and renovation project is another success story for LLRRD.

We introduce a creative and technical approach focused on safe, conferrable, and aesthetically pleasing spaces for our clients. We also address the current concerns of the design process, sustainability & adaptive design to ensure we provide the best to our clients. Every project is handled by our professionally-trained and skilled interior designers. All stages of the design process will be illustrated to meet our client’s needs and expectations.

We know that deciding where to start with the space interior design or renovation can be a bit tricky. So, why not have an expert do it right? With LLRRD, you can know that your space will get an incredible design portfolio. Our highly skilled creative team can materialize all that you have imagined, and that too, within your budget.

Look at the following pictures to view our design and build work in progress for the health care center in Cyberjaya, Selangor. Stay tuned for more updates from us!

If you need professional help for your space, you may contact us and let the change process begin.

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