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Hybrid Design For Multipurpose Office

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The past two years' pandemic has accelerated the shift in our way of living nowadays. A hybrid working environment is the perfect example of the current reality; more flexible & offering us a more adaptable way of living.

A hybrid arrangement even in interiors will likely offer flexibility and support to its users. As human nature, we typically enjoy more autonomy, and better work-life balance and are more engaged. The users benefit by building a more productive, healthy, and stable workforce.

The pandemic has indeed brought an evolution in the LLRD design concepts either for residential or commercial and the way our team understands the space. Having flexible spaces now has become essential, and the designated use of each room often gets left to one side. Adapting ourselves to the current trend has brought a number of changes with it, one being the need to convert our homes or office into hybrid spaces, where our personal and professional lives are interlaced.

Why you should hire us as your interior designer?

LLRD offers a full range of Interior Design services. We do interior design, space planning, building, and renovation as well as project management. You just need to name your desired interiors and we will ensure we provide the best solutions for your spaces.

We start and end the project with in-person services. Once you agreed to engage our services, our talented interior design team will set to work, creating designs that will exceed your expectations, but not your budget of course. We will develop plans, sections, and elevations, including 3D visuals that bring your new space to life! We also will help you visualize your finished interior before committing to the project.

You will get the opportunity to walk around in your new space before it even exists. Working in accordance with the latest building regulations, health and safety legislation, as well as design trends, we will develop and deliver inspiring spaces that are cost-effective and highly functional.

Discover our hybrid design project

The following is one of our past Hybrid Multipurpose Office projects for you to view, observe and evaluate if you want to. If you are looking for an interior design specialist that can provide beautiful solutions for your space, then you’ve come to the right place!

As interior design and renovation experts, we have completed a wide spectrum of interior design projects - from residential to commercial, and everything in between. We will transform your space into a place that will be loved by everyone.

In the past two years, we were appointed by the SC Perfect Dream Academy (SCPDA), Petaling Jaya, Selangor, to design, plan and build their Hybrid Multipurpose Office with a 9,500sf office size. The main aim is to ensure their Multipurpose Office could be used as an SCPDA dancing hall, meeting room, live stream space, and even as a conference room, depending on its user's needs. We also build a pantry, changing room, and store as well as help them with the curtain, lighting, and mirror installation. With such improvement, productivity and good performance among its students and employees could be further encouraged.

It might sound easy, however, it is the implementation of art and science to make a space come to life. We have seen the positive outcomes of this approach and highly recommend it to all of our clients. If you would like to learn more about us or tell us about your project, contact us at

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