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Material Knowledge Upgraded Session With Our Suppliers

Realizing the critical role of materials in our visual and mental perception of space as it can alter the function and character of a space, the LLRD interior design team has recently attended a new materials introduction briefing conducted by our suppliers.

The life of an interior designer is never a dull day. The styles have constantly evolved, trends are cyclical, technologies advance and sustainable challenges are always intriguing. To ensure that we never run out of projects, we have ensured our team stays at the cutting edge of their craft.

Continuous learning and development from time to time will help our company to stay on top of changes in the interior design industry. Doing this also enables us to deliver our clients the best quality design and workmanship.

Like in architecture, choosing suitable materials is essential to create a durable structure and simultaneously to fulfil its design purpose. For example, durable materials such as concrete and steel as it is functional and proven to be effective as foundational materials. Selecting suitable materials is not only to make a space look nice, but it is intended to add some function to make a space more practical and usable for its users.

Although it may require some knowledge to understand which materials work best, consulting with an interior design company like LLRD is the best approach if you would like to better understand how certain materials can be best used in different spaces.

We will provide a wide variety of options to find something that fulfills your design taste while also finding the balance to satisfy the needs of practicality and function in design. If you have an interior design project requiring professional expertise, contact us at today!

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