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Modern Home Interior Design In Selangor

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Take a walk-through of this serenely beautiful, modern home at Petaling Jaya, Selangor. It was a fun experience bringing together modern interiors with a touch of the classic to create this minimalist haven for our client.

"Everyone deserves to have their interiors at an affordable price."

This is the underlying principle of designing our client's home, who wanted their place to display open, unblocked interiors with minimal decor. They wanted their home to tell a modern and classic story, highlighted by a simplistic atmosphere that resembles their living style. Hence, LLRRD, the Top 20 interior designers in Kuala Lumpur, came up with a light, airy, modern, and sleek living setup that goes well with the client's design taste.

Let us unravel this beautifully designed home curated by our interior designer team!

The Living Area Set-Up

Designing the living area was the most challenging part of this interior design project. It comprises the living, foyer, and dining areas. This part of the house is where everything is happening. So, we went ahead with an open, unsegregated interior plan to keep this area open and uncluttered. As a result, there are no physical partitions to separate the various sections of the living area. The place is kept comprehensive and accessible. The TV area has a modern floating TV unit with a white and gold marble finish. The storage unit at the bottom of it comes with a marble top and handleless laminated cabinets. The room is furnished with a white, decorative wainscot and an off-white couch that adds warmth to the seating area. A simple foyer connects the dining and living areas.

The Dining Area

Adjacent to the living room area is the modern classic dining area. A marble-top dining table characterizes it with a wall-mounted mirror on one side and a decorative wainscot on the other. The dining area, designed by LLRRD, the best Top 20 interior designer in Kuala Lumpur, also comes with a chandelier. It is simple but purposeful, located in the middle of the dining table.

The Cosy Master Bedroom

This master bedroom is modern and homely in every sense. Borrowing the airy vibe of the living room, this master bedroom is designed with seriously calming interiors. Its wooden flooring adds instant warmth to the ambiance. And the fabric head bed brings in an earthy tone, creating a cozy set-up. The ornate lighting and decorative wainscot highlight the monolithic interiors.

The Suave Study Room

The study room is designed with a subtle beige and white scheme. It has a wooden table with a shelf on the other side of the room to keep important things. The room has a floor-to-ceiling wardrobe with loft storage units that keep the room spacious and neat. A window with sliding doors, dressed with beige curtains, blends well with the room’s interiors.

The Dry Kitchen

The kitchen interiors align with the rest of the folksy interiors of the house. The kitchen is highlighted with a white laminate of the kitchen platform. The marble top of the kitchen and the walls are white; consequently, the area looks open and large. This kitchen is designed with functional and purposeful loft storage cabinets and an under-cabinet stove unit. A separate bar island is included in the dry kitchen interior to provide a quick meals area for the client.

Modern Chandeliers In The Foyer

This modern-looking foyer has multiple lights to ensure the space is brightly lit. The ceiling has concealed LED light strips that bounce off to provide subtle light and help focus on the seating area. The chandelier light has to be the centerpiece in the scheme of things here. It elegantly lights up the lobby and adds an element of beauty to the design.

Overall, this home interior is the ideal example of a modern, classic, and sleek home designed with the utmost care to fulfill the client's needs. From the spacious layouts to simplistic furniture choices, this house combines an array of minimalist interior setups effortlessly aligned to create a refreshing and modern abode for this client. Contact us now if you are looking for inspiring, modern home interiors!

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