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Our Interior Design Process: What You Can Expect?

Get your dream space through an enjoyable and seamless experience with LLRRD!

A well-thought-off interior design process is the roadmap to realizing our client's vision. Our planned, organized, and coordinated method ensures builders and contractors thoroughly understand the design plan and specifications. Our practice is to sit down with our clients to brief them on what they can expect during the interior design project. Our responsibility is to guide our clients through the process and set up a framework within which clients can make educated and informed decisions.

During this process, our team will provide the right amount of restraint and freedom to the client while maintaining an eye on the overall vision. Our most important goal is ensuring the end product has a cohesive look and that the process is enjoyable for the client.

Understanding Your Requirements & Expectations

Our interior design projects start with an initial meeting to understand our clients’ requirements and discuss their expectations. During the meeting, we will share ideas, offer suggestions, and consult our clients' time scale and desired budget to comprehend the project and its goals fully. After the meeting, a complete brief and proposal are sent.

Design Concept

Based on the initial meeting and brief, a concept scheme outlining the project will be created for further discussion. Space planning, furniture layouts, color schemes, materials, sketches, and finishes are presented to the client for review and revision before moving into the next stage of the design.


Once the interior concept is approved, we will develop every design detail with CAD drawings and 3D visuals. Photorealistic images of finished interiors, showing materials and furniture selections, will be provided for a complete understanding of the design and space. We can present different options until the client feels delighted with the proposed design.

Technical Drawings

We collaborate with architects and engineers that provide technical support if any aspect of the building or structure needs to be modified with the new design.

Contractors & Tradesmen

As an established interior design firm, we always recommend our contractors and tradesmen to develop the design provided. A quotation for building works is offered to our clients at this stage. We are available to answer any design question and work closely with builders and tradesmen to ensure that the design is understood and not compromised at any project stage.

Product List & Discount

A product list shows all the items included in the design, alternative options, where to buy them, and costs, always within budget. At this stage, we negotiate discounts with vendors to give our clients the best value.

Building Management

We offer project management services to ensure the design comes to life as expected and resolve any issue in time. Our professional team can attend weekly site meetings to answer all design queries and inspect all works on site.

Styling & Final Touch

As the final part of the design process, we offer styling services to complete the look of your interiors. We work with our clients to integrate the perfect accessories & statement pieces into their interiors and make them personal and unique.

Delivery & Installation

We’ll track your custom furniture and accessory orders, coordinating delivery and installation of window treatments, wallpapers, artwork, and other elements. A walk-through will address any last-minute issues. Then, we will schedule a final meeting to take professional photos. Afterward, we’ll leave you to enjoy your dream home!

This is a broad-stroke outline of our interior design process. Each project is different, and these steps may vary. However, we will guide you through the process to make decision-making simple and enjoyable. Our goal is to create a space that uniquely expresses you. The space you live in should emanate an energy that aligns with your personality.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our process, want to see examples of our, or wish to speak with design packages.

LLRRD is a full-service architectural and interior design firm in Selangor. We specialize in high-end custom-made interior design for residential and commercial.

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