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Slide & Hide Brief LLRRD Team On Concealed Sliding Door System

In addition to the development of interior design and space planning, a key element of most interior design firms are sourcing and offering quality materials, furniture, or fixtures to their clients. And that's the main reason why the LLRRD team has always found time to attend or participate in any of the product briefings organized by our current or potential suppliers.

The Slide & Hide Space Saving System (M) Sdn Bhd (SLIDEHIDE) staff hosted an online "Product Briefing" to introduce Concealed Sliding Door System for the LLRRD team on 12 December.

The Sales Manager, Ms. Elis Izlina, who led the session, thanked us for our participation and said that our colleagues were enthusiastic about learning more about the products offered by SLIDEHIDE.

SLIDEHIDE's mother company, SLIDE & HIDE System (S) Pte Ltd, was established in Singapore in 1995 to manufacture and supply products that optimize interior space usage. Over the years, SLIDEHIDE & CANIWALL brands have been well accepted by the real estate industry as top-quality concealed sliding door systems. Their products have been installed in Singapore, Malaysia, China, Japan, Dubai, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka.

SLIDEHIDE produces many types of product models of sliding doors. These included Wet-Wall Models, Caviwall Models, 1D1T Series Models, and Lockset Models. They also provided Supplementary Products such as Soft-braking Devices and ConcritBoard.

The significant benefits of the SLIDEHIDE Concealed Sliding Door System are:

  • Increases the attractiveness of new housing development projects to potential buyers and investors by offering a superior, thoughtful and spacious floor layout;

  • Transform wasted floor areas into usable space to allow homeowners more space for storage or to enhance their living environment; and

  • Equipped Architects and Interior Designers with more flexible design options when they are faced with the challenge of delivering the best floor layout versus decreasing built-in floor area.

The product briefing session allows us to enquire about a range of SLIDEHIDE products that experts in the pocket doors industry.

To stay relevant now and in the future in interior design and renovation, we fervently seek to work closely with relevant vendors or suppliers to ensure our product knowledge on materials and technologies are up-to-date. Such interaction and networking also allow one to spot new trends and learn new concepts.

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