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Valuable Internship Experience in Multiracial Environment

Internships provide valuable on-the-job experience in various industries, depending on what field students are interested in. Most are encouraged to have at least one internship before completing the tertiary study, and many of them have completed more than one. An internship is an excellent opportunity for students to try out a career field, build skills, and potentially be employed at a company full-time thereafter.

Realizing this is crucial to students and the higher education system in our country, LLRD has taken this opportunity to give back to the community by providing internship placements to college or university students, not only for local but also to welcome international students to be part of our interns.

Recently, 17 interns were recruited from College Community Selayang, German-Malaysian Institute, INTI International College Subang, Malaysian Institute of Art, Lim Kok Wing University, Peninsula College, UCSI University, UNITAR, and University Technology Malaysia. And some are from Indonesia, Libya, Maldives & Syria, making it a multinational or multiracial interior design company in Kuala Lumpur. We believe this will give us essential insights into foreign markets, including cultural diversity, international market knowledge, creativity, motivation, and flexibility.

Well, this internship program is valuable not only to the company but also to the interns themselves. They have been assigned tasks that are relevant to their field of study so that they can further practice or implement the theories that they learned before in real working life. If they get what it takes, they will succeed together with us.

With LLRD, there is no time to waste, and we move fast forward to ensure we continuously provide quality services to our clients, Our interns will undoubtedly learn something from our professional team. They can learn more about 2D & 3D drawings, on-site measurements, quote quotations, construction, and materials, and also weekly meetings for brainstorming or knowledge sharing.

Other than that, our interns also will share some of the benefits we provide to our full-time/permanent staff. In short, here at LLRD, we do not discriminate against our interns. You must be wondering what those benefits are, right? Here we go, sharing what we can provide you as a token of appreciation for contributing your ideas and energy to our company.

Benefits of joining our internship program
Hybrid or flexible work arrangement

Supports a blend of in-office, remote, and on-the-go workers. This arrangement will allow our interns the autonomy to choose to work wherever and however they are most productive.

Free and easy working environment

We connect on a personal level. We develop meaningful bonds with each other. Exchange ideas and personal opinions openly. Show empathy and concern for well being of every team member, including the interns.

Attractive internship incentives

An attractive monthly internship allowance range starting from RM700 - RM2,500 is provided. And some other incentives or commissions may be provided based on outstanding performance during the internship period.

Access to our facilities

Our interns also have access to the LLRD condo or apartment facilities.

What do they say about their internship experience?

Last but not least, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you and big applause to the 17 interns who have provided brilliant ideas and service while with us.

We welcome more talented interns, particularly Interior Designers, Architects, Marketing & Digital Marketing, to join us in the near future!

For more information on internships, feel free to reach us at:

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