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With much experience in the field, our Advisor plays a creative role that involves developing a design to meet a specific client's home or office interior design needs.

Our Advisor offers expert advice on incorporating aesthetics and functionality into a space or product based on the needs of our clients. They might work closely with other professionals, including designers, junior architects, and other members of the company, to help cater to our clients'
 requirements. They also can help to improve existing designs or create entirely new designs.

AR. Lee Chor Wah


Principal Architect of LCW Architect & a former CEO of SN Low & Associates Sdn Bhd. Also a Past President of the Malaysian Institute of Architects (PAM), a board member of the Board of Lembaga Akitek Malaysia (LAM), and Vice President of Fiabci Malaysia back in 2008 - 2009. AR Lee Chor Wah also holds a Principal Lecturer position at Tunku Abdul Rahman University College.

He has vast experience in design and completed many Commercial, Residential, Bungalow & Retail projects in his years of practice. His passion and mission are to ensure that the work balances occupant needs and aesthetic comfort.

Project Involved

As the Chief Designer at TAK Design Consultants Sdn Bhd in 1995, AR Lee Chor Wah was involved in the Putrajaya Masterplan, Malaysia. He also explicitly clarified that we Malaysians completed the significant blueprint creation.


AR Lee Chor Wah has contributed to many architectural and interior design projects locally and internationally.

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