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What We Do


Lim & Lim Redefine Renovation (LL Redefine Renovation & Design SDN BHD/LLRRD) was established in 2018 by Dylan Lim. It is a full-service interior design company with expertise in residential and commercial projects in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, Malaysia. Our office is located in Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Our company combines extraordinary talent with more than 10 years of global experience in creating spaces that can be as "cutting edge" or "timeless" as the exceptionality of each of its clients. 

LLRRD has also established a platform where our in-house designers are trained to be entrepreneurs. In short, we are committed to delivering inspired designs that could fulfill client expectations through collaboration and exceptional services.

Our founder has constantly reminded the LLRRD team, "Everyone deserves to have their interiors at an affordable price." LLRRD is created to bring individuals the cost-effective and transformational renovation services they need. We strive to bring you excellence at every turn. Our foremost goal is to bring property owners, investors, Airbnb hosts, and potential home buyers the exact range of services they need to tailor their properties to their unique personal styles, branding, and practical needs. 

LLRRD is a qualified CIDB green card member and CIDB licensed contractor (G5 license) since 2021 and a registered Interior Design and Renovation company under Malaysia's Ministry of Finance (MOF). Such recognition will permit us to undertake civil engineering and building interior construction projects in Malaysia.

As one of the Top 20 interior design and renovation companies in Kuala Lumpur & Selangor, we are here to help you realize your projects seamlessly. Whether you need interior design, renovation, or project management, the LLRRD team and expert partners can rise to the challenge anytime or anywhere.


We develop interior design experiences that are distinctive, compelling, and of superb quality and individuality with effective communication between clients, designers, and contractors.

Over the years, we have built an extensive network of competent specialists, including; sales and marketing experts, designers, contractors, and raw material manufacturers (aluminum, carpenters, etc.). This way, you can access an interconnected network of experienced professionals who share resources and are well-equipped to handle your office or home renovation and remodeling tasks.


our product & service

We take each and every integral element with the finest attention in interior design and building. We have been creating quality interior environments that a few interior decorators can come close to in Malaysia. We pay tremendous efforts to ensure the design is in line with our client's preferences, desires, and needs. Having extensive experience in a variety of projects in both the commercial and residential sectors, we have carved success in household names like Baosteel Can Making (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, DRS Medical Group, and counting. We built ourselves forts of reputations through thoughtful, creative, and responsive designs tailored to reflect everyone's personal tastes and lifestyles. Perhaps, the general perception of interior design and building revolves around aesthetics. To us, we build something beyond form, function, comfort, and stylish.



Our 2D and 3D drawing services are delivered based on accuracy and realism. The goal is to help the client visualize what they expressed and we achieve this through accurate measurement, efficient lighting, and attention to detail. We understand that every client has specific needs and requirements and for that reason, we use a custom approach to note and translate all instructions we receive. Our drawings not only create a visual representation of our services but will create a realistic pictorial view of what you can expect from us.



Our Interior Design Project Management services included interior design renovation/ planning/ drawings/ schedule management/ contractor arrangement/ project management.

It is the process of ensuring all aspects of the project are planned for and coordinated and the execution is planned to perfection. 

We are able to oversee the entire process from drafting plans through to construction and installation then on-going maintenance. Alongside coordinating and overseeing all elements of project including directing consultants and contractors across the project. With the services, having expert support across renovations or refurbishments can ensure we delivered a quality high end result.

Let our reliable team take care of your commercial or residential space maintenance. Our team of experts can complete any task quickly and efficiently, saving you time and stress in the long run. The following is the list of repairing and maintenance services provided by our professional, well-trained, and certified team.

  • ST PW2 & PW4 certified electrical troubleshooting service

  • Air conditioner service

  • Maintenance service

  • Painting service

  • Plaster ceiling repair service

  • Plumbing service

  • Repairing service

  • Renovation service

  • Tiling work service

  • Waterproofing service

  • Water leakage service​



We also provide repair and handyman offerings as value-added services. Our team of repair personal and handymen are skilled, well-equipped, and are always available to bring you the efficient assistance you need. From plumbing, wiring, painting, etc. Not to mention, minor repair services such as toilet repair, water inlet or outlet repair, plaster ceiling repair or even changing light bulbs,  hanging photo frames, just about any other renovation services, we are your best bet for a great service.


We have a strong team of experts and extensive collection of resources that can help you complete your design to a reality work.

We manage the marketing aspect, deal negotiation and administrative part of the business, so you can be focused on your area of work.

We work as a mediator to balance the expectation between customers and designers.

We provide profit-sharing opportunities along with potential for income growth and we prevent unhealthy price wars among designers.

 As a result of our wide reach and extensive networks, we always have a consistent volume of work to collaborate with contractors.

We provide material supply services so you never have to tie up your cash flow with the building materials.

We create profit-sharing avenues and potentials for income growth for the property owners.

We streamline our business model and eliminate redundant commitment, so our customers enjoy lower prices and greater value.

We have the manpower to ensure timely completion of work & full accountability of the work.

 We select only qualified partners to work with and provide training for our designers and contractors to ensure quality.

We have a team of customer service personnel to support your queries and feedback.


With our business management background, we are well-versed in managing service providers and this equips us with the much needed expertise to supervise, lead and manage designers. Our management team has all taken psychology courses, a skill that helps them handle liaison and communication between the clients and contractors. We believe in a competence-based management system and have built our entire business model to reflect this.

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