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Dylan Lim and his father founded this outfit to fill a massive need for affordable and top-notch renovation and interior design services in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor & surrounding areas.


Upon moving to Kuala Lumpur, they found that renovation companies were overpriced and there were no affordable providers to work on their investment property. This is not only an issue that could cause other investors a lot of money, it became apparent that the available companies had inefficient business management and operation strategies. 

From its inception, Dylan Lim has always ensured that LLRR/ LLRD prioritizes excellence above all else. This has been a major focus and we have continued to improve our services to ensure that we bring our clients the amazing, high-quality design, remodeling, and property renovation services that they need.



As an avid learner, Dylan Lim’s quest for excellence is only rivaled by his desire for customer satisfaction. His strong management skills come from a track record of an extensive management career that started at the young age of 22. He was a marketing manager in an organization with an RM8 million revenue where he functioned as a strategy planner in top management. This provided him the insight he needed to start his own multi-chain computer accessories retail business along with other profitable endeavors.

His past experience working with and managing designers, contractors, and builders has equipped him with the strong business insights he needs to see things from the perspective of a client. Not only does this enable him to provide excellent supervision on each task, it creates an atmosphere of expertise as clients can be rest assured that the final delivery will exceed their expectations. His years of managing Airbnb properties have provided him with an extensive range of property management expertise and he has further developed this will real-world experience.

Dylan Lim is also a keen learner who has an extensive educational profile as he continues to expand his knowledge by taking new courses to improve his relationship management and interpersonal communication skills. He is a member of the toastmasters club, and a certified NLP master practitioner who has completed several courses including team building courses, psychology courses, and coaching courses.


We strongly believe having excellent and effective communication with customers is the essential key to each interior design and renovation project. We value the communication process between clients and us more than the figure they are spending to renovate their properties.


We are excited to share that LL Redefine Renovation & Design and Mr. Ryan's team have partnered to bring new experiences to interior design! This helps to bring more efficiency and offer an exclusive and elegant home interior design to our clients.


Mr. Ryan is a carpenter company specializing in cabinet making providing custom-made cabinets for various types of industries from commercial to residential projects. With more than 10 years of experience in this field, Mr. Ryan and his team are committed to continuing their best qualities with us fulfilling a high standard of finishes and work.


Located in Sri Edaran Light Industrial Park Kepong, Mr. Ryan's team operated in a 1920 sq. ft. space workshop with 11 experience workers specializing in custom-made cabinet build.


With this collaboration, we aim to deliver high-quality service to our clients. This will foster a great relationship between our company with our clients. In a nutshell, we ensure the high quality of products and services provided will be consistent and in line with our ultimate mission and goals.


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