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What is BAE?

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The Ingredients of BAE 

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Journal & Reports

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Products History

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Products Information

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Application of BAE

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BAE Energized Tile & the Benefits

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"Negative ions are created by oxygen from the air molecules attached with free- electrons. It is like the sun which is an indispensable natural material to human.  
Negative ions are particular important to human’s health. It is able to generates bonding ability; usually those dusts, bacteria and harmful viruses are positively charged particles. Negative ions allow them to drawn each others and permeate into bacteria’s cells and kills the bacteria, therefore, they are less likely to infect humans. The more the number of negative ions in the air means the less the number of bacteria. When the negative ion’s concentration reaches a certain point means the number of bacteria is zero."

BAE Infusion in renovation & furnitures

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