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A Joyful & Authentic Learning Experiences For LLRRD Team

Job well done to iko in and his team for organizing another successful and meaningful event! We are blessed and thankful to be invited to witness the soft launch of iN Design Lab yesterday, 15 March 2023, at Level 2, KL Eco City Mall (KLEC).

The event was an eye-opener for the LLRRD team, exposing them to unforgettable experiences. It unveiled iN Design Lab's unique vision and showcased the finest design materials and resources available in Malaysia and beyond. As Malaysia's first and largest design center, iN Design Lab is the ultimate material center catering to design professionals like us.

LLRRD team had the opportunity to explore a vast range of material samples and inspirations from this soft launching event. Also, delve into extensive product categories such as tiles, surfaces & fabrics, furniture & soft furnishing, custom kitchen & wardrobe, bath & sanitary ware, home appliances, and many more under one roof.

We believe that investing time and resources in such an event can bear fruit for our team and our business in interior design. And one of the many reasons we are attending the event is to find new inspirations to further develop or improve services to our clients. There are always products waiting to be discovered at such an event. We see and explore many new materials, accessories, and interior design ideas.

As the Founder & Managing Director of LLRRD, Dylan Lim, said, "Inspirations can come from seeing things like exploring exhibitions, galleries, and visiting showrooms. I like absorbing as much information as possible when working on a project. We may become even more creative when we seek inspiration from what we see. And I want my team members to have the same, so I always encourage them to participate in such events".

It is also the perfect way to meet and mingle with other professionals and create new business opportunities in such an event. Networking is, after all, a key component of attending events such as these. Connecting to other professionals and sharing the same passions and challenges can help us to engage in valuable and interesting conversations, get design tips, pitch a project, exchange contacts, gain more exposure in the industry, learn more about the trade and strengthen our brand.

While professionals in the interior design business tend to be aware of multiple products and services offered in the industry, there’s also so much more available that we may not know about unless we attend a social gathering like this. It will expose our team to what is happening in the design world now and discover what other professionals foresee as emerging trends, which could direct our vision in the coming months.

Generally, we want our team continuously improve their knowledge and skills in the interior design field so that we can further expand our businesses to the public. Not only known as one skilled firm but as the interior design one-stop solution services firm!

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