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An Honoured Session With Ajiya Berhad: Metal, Glass & Other Building Materials Briefing

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

A product brief provides vital context for the build and unifies the efforts of all involved in product development and product usage. Doing so helps our team better understand the materials used for our client's interior design and renovation projects. Hence, such a briefing is crucial for the LLRD team as it is the method or platform we applied to upgrade our team knowledge to ensure we provide quality materials and service to our clients.

We were honored by the Online Building Materials Product Briefing with Ajiya Berhad on Friday, 25 November 2022. An hour session with Ajiya Berhad has given us opportunities to keep up with trends in the product's materials, technology, and applications on metals and safety glass.

Ajiya Berhad and its group (Metal Group & Glass Group) started as a metal roll-forming company in 1990. It ventured into producing high-value-added safety glass products in 1996 and catered to industrial, commercial buildings to typical residential houses. They utilized green technology for all construction purposes in their approach, making them different from others.

With 32 years of industry experience, Ajiya has aggressively expanded from Segamat, Johor, to Malaysia's Northern, Southern, Central, and Eastern regions. Ajiya also has successfully opened its 16 factories worldwide, including in Thailand, and currently has about 800 employees. Their presence in Thailand has been established since 2007.

With their strength in metal and safety glass, Ajiya developed a one-stop manufacturer of Industrialised Building Systems (IBS) through it Ajiya Green Integrated Building Solutions (AGiBS), a modern construction to increase productivity and quality at construction sites, which is aligned with the CIDB’s initiatives. Ajiya also was listed on the Second Board of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad in 1996 and transferred to the Main Market in 2003.

With the development of the economy and information technology, the interior design and renovation market is no longer limited by the region. Still, the competition is becoming more challenging from time to time. Thus, in such an environment, we believe our team must keep our knowledge of materials up-to-date, change traditional management methods, partner with well-known industries such as Ajiya Berhad, and maximize the use of quality materials or resources to survive and gain a competitive advantage in the field.

We again thank Ajiya Berhad for organizing such an informative and valuable session for the LLRD team. We look forward to working further with Ajiya Berhad. More details about our counterpart, Ajiya Berhad, can be viewed here: Ajiya Corporate Video.

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