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Business Networking Club, Malaysia - Make A More Significant Difference This Year!

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

The International Journal of Happiness and Development documented that giving money to charity increases happiness measurably, particularly when giving boots social connection. In other words, entrepreneurs wishing to obtain the maximum psychological benefits from giving should try to provide through a friend, relative, or social relationship rather than simply donating to a worthy cause. Such effort could provide a welcome boost of happiness to the giver and company morale.

And for that reason, Business Networking Club (BNC) has come forward to organize the fundraising project for a non-profit entity, the Community Service Centre for the Deaf, Silent Teddies. Established in 1995 to provide education for the deaf community, the Silent Teddies started a social enterprise, Silent Teddies Bakery – offering these notable residents vocational skills training. According to its founder, Cindy Leong, upon completing the skills course, these hard-of-hearing graduates would run a bakery to make a living.

Hence, the establishment of a BNC is to give its members a place to network for any business activities, provide its members to find business opportunities amongst members, and exchange ideas.

As part of the guest at the “Silently Loud Charity Award Dinner” on October 26 at One World Hotel, Bandar Utama, the LLRD team would like to congrats the BNC project organizing chairman Datuk Dr WV Lye & his team for all the excellent effort and hard work. With the support from more than 630 fabulous people, associates and partners, BNC has raised as much as RM250,000 for the Silent Teddies. Big applause to the BNC team!

The fund collected from the “Silently Loud Charity Award Dinner” is to assist the Silent Teddies in rebuilding its old building to operate as a learning centre, bakery cafe, arts and event studio, and edible garden in fulfilling their social enterprise’s dream. This for sure will impact and empower the deaf community through entrepreneurship and skills training a massive group deaf community with over 40,000 hard of-hearing people registered with the authorities nationwide.

Seeing the BNC team successfully pull through this event has been a pleasure. This shows that the entrepreneurial spirit is well and alive in the Business Networking Club, Malaysia.

Once again, Congrats to BNC! We at LLRD are so pleased to see you accomplishing great things and hope we can work together in the near future!

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