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Interior Design Proposal For An Airline Service Company

Redefine your office workspace with LLRRD. We build your creative office spaces to meet your needs!

A few years back has been a tough year and it has changed our lives in every single way. As most of us are gradually returning to work in offices, the working environment has influenced design trends and we are expecting this will continue into the near future.

When it comes to renovating a workplace, many of us consider hygiene, cleanliness, and thinking to make the space more comfortable in order to motivate the employees. Creating a pleasant and efficiency-driven office is indeed a good idea to get employees through this difficult time and help bring back the economy as quickly as possible. Here LLRRD team is always ready to assist you to design a better work environment.

Another proud moment for the LLRRD team was when we successfully presented an interior design proposal for an airline service company in Selangor, Airfoil Services Sdn Bhd.

Established in 1991, Airfoil Services Sdn Bhd (ASSB) specializes in airfoil repairs for High-Pressure Compressors (HPC) and Low-Pressure Turbines (LPT). It is jointly owned by MTU Aero Engines AG (MTU) and Lufthansa Technik AG (LHT). Both of these partners represent leading-edge competency in aviation MRO and by transferring and combining these competencies, they have established a Centre of Excellence dedicated to Airfoil repair here in Malaysia. Currently, it has around 455 employees and it takes pride in its highly skilled staff.

Dylan Lim, the Managing Director of LLRRD said, "I am so proud to be involved in designing the interiors for the ASSB corridor renovation project. We were asked to come out with an interior design proposal in helping them to transform their current corridor into a future, modern and minimalist look. It's really an honor to work with those highly skilled people. This is showing that how much trust they have in us and we'll make sure our team delivers the best for ASSB!"

For this proposal, our team carefully studied the ASSB background to ensure we could deliver a dynamic design that they couldn't resist. We applied the knowledge we have to come out with a design concept proposal that could portray ASSB as an airline industry service, which is future, modern, and minimalist.

At LLRRD, we believe a corporate is built upon its brand name and we will ensure ASSB's brand essence runs through the entirety of its office corridor. Our designs will clearly communicate its brand values and what it truly believes in.

A future, modern and minimalist approach toward corridors is the best way to go for the ASSB corridor. Elegant flooring combined with bright color walls, modern lighting, and decoration can prove to be a good option. We basically want to turn the ambiance of the ASSB corridor into a space that motivates and encourages ideas, and the corridor is no longer a boring space but an inspiration that also increases productivity and enhances their experience.

We strongly believe our space design inspiration can meet your needs and appeal. Hence, our professional team can apply elements that can make your office functions well and arrange them in aesthetic ways. If you need help organizing your office interior design, schedule an office interior design consultation today with us!

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