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Future-Proof, Modern & Minimalist Interior Design By LLRRD

Welcome to the LLRRD blog, where we are always excited to share our team projects development updates. Our team of expert designers has worked hard to come up with a concept that is future-proof, modern, and minimalist, perfectly tailored to meet the needs of our clients such as Airfoil Service Sdn. Bhd.

Design Concept

Our design concept is centered around the idea of creating a future-proof workspace that is both modern and minimalist. We understand the importance of staying relevant and being able to adapt to changing times, which is why we have chosen this concept. The clean, and sleek and gives the space a fresh and up-to-date feel.

Material Specification

The Airfoil Service Sdn Bhd for example, our team has carefully selected and proposed the best materials for the job, ensuring that the workspace is not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable and long-lasting. Our suggestion for the material specification includes the following:

  • Recessed LED lighting & recessed track light: This lighting will give the space a warm and inviting feel, while also providing ample light for work and productivity.

  • Plaster ceilings come with skimming and painting works: Our team will always ensure that the ceiling is smooth and even, with a fresh coat of paint to give it a clean finish.

  • Full-height plywood laminated feature wall comes with color glass and LED lighting: This feature wall will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the space. The laminated plywood will ensure that the wall is sturdy and can withstand wear and tear, while the color glass and LED lighting will make it pop.

  • Painting works on existing door frame and door leaf: We will freshen up the existing door frame and door leaf with a fresh coat of paint.

  • SPC flooring, undercoat, and finishing painting work: We have chosen SPC flooring for its durability and resistance to wear and tear. We will also apply an undercoat and finishing paint to give it a polished finish.

  • Recessed LED lighting with hacking works and recessed eyeball light: These lights will provide ample illumination for the workspace, ensuring that it is well-lit and conducive to productivity.

  • Detachable poster: We will install a detachable poster in the workspace, which can be easily removed and replaced with new content.

  • Appliance: We understand that technology plays a huge role in the modern workspace, which is why we have included an interactive TV in our design proposal. The TV will provide a platform for video conferencing, presentations, and entertainment, making it an essential component of the workspace.

Our design proposal for Airfoil Service Sdn. Bhd is centered around the idea of creating a future-proof, modern, and minimalist workspace. We have carefully selected the best materials and appliances for the job, ensuring that the workspace is aesthetically pleasing, durable, and long-lasting. We are confident such a design proposal will meet the needs of any relevant parties in the aircraft industry and help them achieve their business goals.

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