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Hone Our Craft: Sharpen Our Interior Design Skills With Events & Networking

2022 is almost ending, and it can be wrapped up that the LLRRD team has participated in various interior design events and networking sessions both locally and internationally to keep our team skills or knowledge upgraded from time to time.

As we know, the interior design field is constantly evolving, visually, and conceptually changing alongside the current trends, thought shifting, client requirements, and lifestyles. Therefore it is essential to stay informed and connected within this ever-changing sphere.

We believe only meeting people and exposure could help us refresh and get exciting ideas and concepts to better our craft. It is undeniable that networking is crucial for any creative industry, including interior design. Events will help us find new inspirations and ideas and establish connections with potential clients, project partners, suppliers, and even designers around the globe. It cannot be overstated as it generates mutually beneficial relationships from which we can draw inspiration and contribute ideas.

By learning and drawing from the latest trend or innovations, we can build our team skill sets and give back to the community by producing stunning, professional, and well-crafted interiors. With the main aim to be one of the leading interior design and renovation companies in Malaysia, we always encourage our team to participate in any relevant events or networking sessions so that we can produce quality and the best among the best interior design team in our company.

Thus far, we have participated in many events or networking sessions to improve our skills and knowledge in the interior design industry, such as BSC Design Week, 2022 MIIP Interior Industry Awards, Italy in Design Week 2022, 8th Malaysian Public Works Festival, The Golden Bull Award 2022, Magniflex 60th Anniversary event in Italy, Believing in the Design Process: Young Architectural Practice in Boutique Projects webinar, The King Living x CreativeHomeX experiential showcase. The networking and gathering session with AR Lee Chor Wah, High Flyer Asia Pinkiest Pool Party, Creative Home 20th Anniversary Carnival, Silently Loud Charity Award Dinner, REKA Interiors ExhibitionRiX) 2022, HOMElove Home & Living Exhibition, New materials introduction briefing conducted by LLRD suppliers, Brand Transformation For An IPO-Ready Company by 10XValley: Malaysia's 1st IPO-Ready Transformation Platform, and many more.

New technologies are revolutionizing the market and every aspect of our lives. Attending such events or networking sessions can help us stay at the forefront of innovation and creativity. It is a valuable tool for our interior design and renovation business and has long-term benefits for LLRRD and its staff, which drive economic growth. As such, we are committed to participating in events or networking sessions to ensure we are continuously successful and sustainable in the interior design field!

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