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LLRRD Is A Specialist Interior Designer In Malaysia

As the Top 20 interior design firms in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, we ensure our team members have specific skills and professional certificates. We always encourage them to go through professional development programs or training to improve their skills in the interior design field. Such efforts ensured the LLRRD team members could always provide tip-top and quality client services.

You must be wondering what we do as a specialist in interior design. Our role as an interior design firm is multi-faceted. Still, we always begin by providing accurate and professional advice for the development and execution of interior design services across the commercial or residential sectors.

We provide initial design concepts and space planning proposals, product and material specifications, and coordinate with intersecting trades to manage a project from concept to completion. This includes the following duties:

  • providing advice on the space's interior layout/building and reconfigurations

  • generating 2D/3D interior design plans, drawings, mood boards, and project visualization

  • curating a considered selection of furniture, fixtures, and fittings (FF&E) required for project implementation and procurement

  • supplying projected timelines and product schedules to coordinate trades, purchase orders, and deliveries

  • being the point of contact for construction contractors on-site, consulting with engineers, architects, and trade specialist

The main aim is to improve the effectiveness, accessibility, functionality, and aesthetic appeal of an environment to ensure the safe and optimal occupation and use of the interior space. We will consider the intended function of an area to curate an environment that is fit for purpose and understand how an interior design scheme can positively impact the client. A successful design project will address sustainability and minimize its environmental impact.

With differing product use and specification laws across residential and commercial sectors, we must be aware and comply with all related health & safety codes, building regulations, and installation requirements as an interior design firm.

We know our choice may impact the well-being and safety of our clients using an interior dwelling. Therefore, accurate advice is crucial and, where necessary, independently verified to support the recommendations. We may breach laws, incur an additional cost, generate delays, or increase the risks to our clients if we provide inaccurate advice and inappropriate specification.

Our task is to define the design and ensure the safe performance of a space. We plan the space to maximize the function and movement within it and take airflow, heat, extraction, electrical and plumbing regulations into consideration. We produce plans and drawings to demonstrate layouts (spatial planning) and a proposed design scheme. When the scheme approves, we will generate a project timeline and specification schedules for the materials required to procure the design. Some of our designers may also act as the project manager throughout project procurement by instructing the contractors, trade, and fit-out specialists.

Our interior designer not only acts as an advisor to the client but, often, to other industry professionals on site. Our designers may be expected to coordinate with experts, tradesmen, and suppliers to procure products and install materials. For example, they may consult a structural engineer when commissioning a light fitting or require asbestos reports before fitting wall paneling. In short, we must possess knowledge across many skills and sectors.

This multi-faceted profession requires specialist expertise across all design and project fulfillment stages. With evolving regulations, product innovations, and compliance laws, we continuously invest in ongoing learning to stay updated with industry standards.

In short, we work with contractors and architects to build and design accessible, aesthetically pleasing spaces in homes and businesses. We manage projects, handle budgets, and sketch designs to deliver results and make our clients happy.

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