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LLRRD Is Finally Authorised By The Ministry of Finance (MOF) in Malaysia

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Big applause to the LLRRD team for creating another important history or milestone for the company. LLRRD has recently obtained a license from the Malaysian Ministry of Finance (MOF), opening opportunities for us to provide interior design and renovation services to the Malaysian Government. Obtaining the MOF license is a prerequisite for any company to participate in the government sector and semi-government tenders and contracts.

Excited by the excellent news, Dylan Lim, the LLRRD Founder & Managing Director, says that providing services for the Malaysian Government sector can be an exciting opportunity for the company. It is not an easy journey for us to be recognized by a government authority such as the Malaysian Ministry of Finance. But with this, it allows us to participate in government sector projects, including tender & contracts, which include providing goods, outsourced & consultancy services to ministries, departments, and government agencies. This MOF recognition also will allow us to participate in government procurement processes by quotation, valuated between RM50K - RM500K & tenders from RM500K and above. This recognition speaks volumes about the quality of LLRRD interior design and renovation projects in the past.

Other than that, the MOF license also excludes us from the tender deposit, can showcase our services and prices in the eProcurement system for marketing purposes, and may facilitate Government Agencies to invite us for quotations or tenders.

Dylan adds, "The MOF recognition is proof that we have fantastic staff members willing to work hard for a better future for the company. They are both professional in their work, skilled, and experienced in interior design and renovation. To further develop and be the best interior design company in the country, we will ensure that our team will further improve the quality of our work to earn more recognition from the professional bodies."

So, give your space the makeover it deserves with us, and our experienced interior design & renovation experts will bring your vision to life. With this MOF license, you can trust that the job will be done right. So, get started with LLRRD today!

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