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LLRRD Rooftop Slab Waterproofing Service

We proudly announce that LLRRD is now providing Rooftop Slab Waterproofing services to people around Selangor and Kuala Lumpur.

With our weather conditions, rooftop waterproofing is essential as our buildings are constantly exposed to rain and shine year-round. Ultraviolet photo-degradation, heat radiation, and moisture are the main enemies in making your rooftop leak. A flat roof design also may cause water leakage issues even though flat roofs are in demand for homes and commercial building designs as they provide additional spaces that can be used for utilities such as water tanks, pumps, or antennas.

Identifying the proper waterproofing method is not as easy as one thinks. That is why LLRRD is making the Rooftop Slab Waterproofing services available to ease you as a home or building owner.

Do you know that water leaking could cause much damage to your building? The weight of water pools on your roof will cause unnecessary and excessive strain on the roof structure and other parts of the building, such as the balcony and car porch, which weaken the building's structural integrity. If it continuously happens, the water will also leak into the bathroom, kitchen, and bedrooms, thus causing extensive water damage to the furniture and general fixtures.

So, if you are facing such an issue, don't wait, you should directly contact a professional like us to help you with the rooftop water leaking problem. Waterproofing prevents water from seeping into the porous material of the roof. We used screeding and leveling floors to make the flow system smoother. We also paint many layers of waterproof paint to ensure it can last long and is worth your investment.

Generally, roof waterproofing not only prevents water leakage and damage but may also help increase water flow and reduce water pooling. With that, the effects of pooled water on the structural integrity of the building can be mitigated.

Our company not only specializes in interior design but also in building maintenance, including this waterproofing treatment. It is a straightforward and quick process that produces results lasting for years.

Feel free to check out our services and review the following photos for more info. Contact us now to schedule an appointment!

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