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Modern, Minimalist & Grandeur Commercial ID Concept

In the world of commercial architecture and interior design, the modern, minimalist, and grandeur concept is gaining popularity. This design approach combines sleek, clean lines with luxurious touches to create a space that is both functional and visually appealing. The idea is to create an environment that is elegant and refined, yet still functional and practical. The following paragraph will talk more about the above-mentioned interior design concept that we did for one of our well-established clients in Selangor.

Exterior Design

The exterior of the building is designed with a clean minimalist approach, emphasizing cube-shaped architecture without adding any strange or unnecessary details. This design philosophy gives the building's facade a grand and luxurious look. The exterior is complemented by a central water fountain, which is located in the middle of the garden and designed to be enjoyed by visitors and occupants of the building. The garden is designed with low benches that allow unobstructed views of the surrounding greenery. The garden features tall trees and low shrubs that allow for easy circulation of air. The water fountain is designed to be either simple or grand, depending on the desired effect.

Interior Design

The interior design of the building is equally impressive. The corporate cultural exhibition hall, for example, is designed with high ceilings and plenty of natural lighting, with numerous windows to maximize the available light. The hall is painted in bright colors and does not have any partitions to maximize the available space.

The lounge area is partitioned with glass walls, creating the illusion of an expansive room. The area is furnished with comfortable seating and includes a television for entertainment. An overtime staff room is also provided, designed with large windows to allow plenty of natural light.

The safety education room also benefits from natural light, with no need for additional lighting during the day. The general manager's office is designed with built-in wardrobes to maximize space, with modern furniture adding to the exclusive feel of the room. The general office area is illuminated with studio-style lighting, and the walls are painted in gradations of white with black trim. Glass partitions help to maintain an open feel in the room.

The chairman's office is also designed for maximum efficiency, with built-in wardrobes and furniture that fit seamlessly with the overall design concept. The use of large windows helps to maximize the available light.

The executive video conference room is one of the largest rooms in the building. It is furnished with a conference table in the middle, surrounded by a predominantly white and natural color scheme. The room is illuminated by natural light through windows on one side. The guard room is designed for optimal human workflow, with minimal use of furniture and chairs with wheels to ensure the room's occupants can move around freely.

Design Features

The building's design features include wardrobe space, columns with veneer finishes, marble floors with steel inlays, colored LED lighting, frosted glass sensors, customized carpets, gypsum grid ceilings, white aluminum cabinet doors, melamine laminated shelves, colored back glass, concrete flooring/pavement, timber seating, concrete fencing, water stone pebbles, and pebble wash wall water features.

Generally, the modern, minimalist, and grandeur concept in commercial architecture and interior design is an effective approaches to creating a space that is both visually impressive and functional. By combining clean, minimalist lines with luxurious touches and an emphasis on natural lighting, this design approach creates a space that is both elegant and efficient. With its sleek, sophisticated design features, this building is sure to impress visitors and occupants alike.

Feel free to contact us if you need our professional help with your exterior and interior design for your commercial spaces!

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