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Modern Office Interior Design Concepts

We guess everyone here is noticing that the classic individual office style is dying out or outdated. Organizations are investing in modern or open-office concepts as digitalization and the rise of agile working approach in this era are leading to major changes in how and where we work. And surprisingly it indeed promotes more communication, collaboration, and creative exchange.

Classic or conventional office concepts are slowly becoming an exception for modern organizations. Mostly will redesign office spaces to be progressive and keep pace with current or future development and competition.

As the Top 20 interior design firm in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, LLRRD has always updated our office interior design knowledge and portfolios from time to time. This is to ensure we could provide clients with up-to-date or trendy interior design for their dream spaces. If traditional office concepts used to be the popular choices but as we mentioned earlier on, everyone is turning to modern office concepts. But do you know what are the modern office concepts actually are?

The new office layouts and home office are becoming increasingly important, particularly after the pandemic. It's become a necessity for modern office concepts to be flexible and adapt quickly to different employee needs and work situations. Google and Adidas for example, have made the modern office concepts an integral part of their corporate culture.

The following are a few examples of modern office interior design concepts that you may consider for your next office renovation or new office space.

Smart Office Concept

The smart office concept is suitable for organizations whose employees spent more time on work or group projects, and whose size varies frequently. And thanks to the flexible partition wall system, where the office space can always be adapted to the requirements and team size. This concept basically emphasizes flexibility, creative processes, and direct communication.

Multi-Space Office Concept

This is probably the most promising and exciting office concept because it does not have fixed workstations. For this multi-space office concept, employees are always looking for a new workstation. This concept is ideal for organizations in which the staff changes regularly or employs many part-timers and freelancers.

In such a concept, no workstations are left unused and it offers an open working environment with individual workplaces. Hence, it guarantees optimal use of space and high-cost savings for organizations. It also promotes creative processes and fast and flexible communication.

Coworking Office Concept

‍It involves workplaces in an office community that can be rented individually, whereby the coworkers work on their own but share the general space such as a pantry and toilets. Depending on the coworking space, the design can go far beyond this minimum, so that lounge areas, meeting rooms, and telephones for example are also available.

This type of concept is ideal for freelancers who need to plan flexibly, and also for those who need a change from working at home or in the office. On the positive side, it could also create a community in which contacts can be made and a network built up quickly and flexibly.

Open Space Office Concept

This concept is characterized by a working area divided into different functional zones. Each of the employees has a fixed desk, and there are also conference rooms for meetings, a lounge area with sofas, and seating niches for confidential communication. It is ideal for communication exchange and promotes a transparent working environment.

It can be concluded that the modern office design actually offers many advantages to its users. It not only encourages agile working, but also promises cost efficiency, and success as well as promotes interaction. So, organizations must identify where wishes and need, and where possibilities and necessities lie. Depending on which office concept you choose, the design of the premises may vary.

If you need assistance with the interior design of your office, feel free to contact us.

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