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Interior Design & Renovation Services For Your Spaces

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

Every space has its own story. Share with us, what is yours?

Interior design is the art process of designing the interior, exterior, or building. As a recognized interior design and renovation contractor in Kuala Lumpur, LLRD views every opportunity to create something memorable and remarkable, particularly for our clients. To ensure we provide the best, LLRD services include Interior Design & Consultation, Renovation, Construction, and Property Solutions.

Interior Design & Consultation

LLRD offers a free consultation for your home interior or office design needs. If you have a preference for your home or office renovation, improvements, or design, discuss it with us, and we will work further with you to build your desired spaces.

We provide service on everything from space planning, conceptualizing design, and developing the idea to furniture and even lighting solutions so that you can make the best choices. We will also consult our clients with our technical knowledge to reduce mistakes, increase productivity, and enhance safety and comfort.

We will customize a complete design package, proposing your home's or office renovations, improvements, or designs based on your needs and preferences.

With years of experience, we have been undertaking many interior design and consultation works, from residential to government and commercial projects. Our experienced consultants provide effective leadership, sharp attention to detail, and a valued partnership you can count on throughout the life of your project.


Our renovation service included material selection, cost, project management, and site supervision. A supervisor will be appointed to monitor and manage our site workers to ensure the project assigned is running smoothly and completed on time.


It is undeniable that significant construction projects are quite complex undertakings that involve subcontractors, suppliers, workers, and high costing in material, equipment, and services. Generally, we proudly share that we are doing well in:

  • managing the bid process and negotiating contracts

  • overseeing management, including field procurement, inspection, warehousing, and materials

  • performing construction and administration field

  • commissioning and maintenance of operations

To ensure our work is run safely and sustainably, our staff are all well-trained in safety guidance and protection. They also know infrastructures, such as building large buildings, bridges, dams, pipelines, and road networks, to ensure that the construction process is run well without creating difficulties or hassle for our clients.

Property Solutions

We provide cleaning and refurbishing services to ensure our clients have a clean and fresh premise. These included home and office cleaning services, plumbing, painting, and many more.

We also help Airbnb property owner to design and style their property based on budget allocation, so they can get more profits for their Airbnb business. We will look into everything that’ll make their property sensational & aesthetically appealing.

At LLRD, we lead a team of skillful employees and subcontractors, our qualified team will give our clients the best work services and attitude. We are honored to provide free consultancy services and the best solutions for your spaces!

Feel free to contact us for more details.

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