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Product Introduction Session By Saint-Gobain Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

What a fantastic session to start our 2023! The LLRRD team attended the Product Introduction by Product Introduction Session By Saint-Gobain Malaysia Sdn Bhd on Friday, 13 January 2023. It was held in LLRRD headquarters, Sunway Nexis SOHO, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Saint-Gobain Malaysia used this session to showcase our team on its ceiling, drywall, jointing, and finishing products.

Saint-Gobain headquarters is located in France & has produced different building materials for many years. Make it one of the Top 100 innovative companies in the world. It has provided innovative interior solutions to specifiers & builders since 2006 and owns the largest plasterboard manufacturing plant in Malaysia. As one of the leading suppliers of wall and ceiling boards, its products include high-performance plasterboards, ceiling tiles, wall linings, durable metal stands, and plasterboard accessories that support the Gyproc system.

Presence in more than 70 countries has 170 000 employees and eight (8) cross-business Research & Development centers. Their products are certified by the leading green organization, Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC), and this shows that they are also concerned with sustainable habitats. Saint-Gobain currently employs more than 300 people across Malaysia in four (4) manufacturing sites at Puncak Alam, Port Klang, Ipoh, and Johor.

From the session, we learned that Saint-Gobain offers a comprehensive range of value-added plasterboards, which include DuraLine® Plus/MR, TopLine®, BaseLine®, AquaLine®, Activ’ Air Technology (indoor air quality), and many more. This ensures they can give the optimum material performances that comply with the client's desired home, space, or design criterion.

Their most popular product, Gyproc Habito® plasterboard, has more strength than the standard plasterboard. It can support 30kg per screw without the need for specialist fixings, and this gives Habito® a competitive edge and reputation as none of the plasterboards in the market has this feature. Saint-Gobain also provides a complete range of interior building systems, metal components and accessories, jointing and finishing products, and plastering solutions for walls and ceilings.

As an interior design and renovation company, such product introduction plays a crucial role in our product knowledge development because it influences our quality and sets the pace for development efficiency. Attending such product introduction sessions in person allows our team to be more familiar with the new product lines and get educated on changes to the industry directly from those who know it best. This will give us many advantages and help us stay strong in the field. We thank you, Saint-Gobain Malaysia, for the informative and fruitful session!

See the following Facebook videos to find out iko in feedback on the Saint-Gobain products!

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