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The Important Of Professional Recognition For An Interior Design Firm

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Do you know that professional recognition is impartial third-party certification or endorsement of the firm's knowledge level, skill, experience, and proficiency to practice within a specific industry or field? Recognized by authorities in the field, accreditation for professional competence is often affiliated with the industry's trade or professional recognition, also referred to as a professional body, organization, or society interested in raising the interior design industry's standards in this case.

Why Is It Important To Be Endorsed?

It helps to define and set standards for our professional practice. Due to the lack of an official title or recognition for the interior design field, the government recognizes no universally accepted definition for qualifying an interior design professional or distinguishing a proven, professionally trained interior designer from an interior decorator, stylist, or untrained hobbyist.

For example, the endorsement from government authorities, such as a CIDB License from the Lembaga Pembangunan Industri Pembinaan Malaysia and a license from the Malaysian Ministry of Finance (MOF), are indeed crucial for us to further expand our business and improve our position to be the best interior design firm in Malaysia.

The CIDB License certifies that we, LLRRD, could deliver the construction projects up to a predetermined contract value in a given class of works (based on construction works, track records, and available capital). It also will permit us to participate in a tender or to carry out the construction works with a tender worth not exceeding RM1 Million to RM5 Million for Building Construction (B04), Civil Engineering Construction (CE21), and Mechanical & Electrical (M15) categories.

Hence, the Malaysian Ministry of Finance endorsement will allow LLRRD to participate in government sector projects, including tender & contracts, which include providing goods, outsourced & consultancy services to ministries, departments, and government agencies. It also will allow us to participate in government procurement processes by quotation based on the value specified by the MOF. Furthermore, the license excludes LLRRD from the tender deposit and showcases services and prices in the eProcurement system for marketing purposes, and it also may facilitate Government Agencies to invite us for quotations or tenders. Such recognitions speak volumes about the quality of our past interior design and renovation works.

Why Do We Need Regulation?

Professionals credited are often applied to architects or engineers for creating a safe environment. At the same time, the interior designer role is overlooked in terms of its impact on public health and safety. More than mere aesthetics of space dressing, an interior designer's choices and advice can significantly affect our health and well-being. Inaccurate advice or inappropriate specification may breach laws or compliance regulations, incur additional costs, generate delays, or increase risks to those who invest in and ultimately use the space.

What Does It Mean To The Public?

Achieving CIDB and MOF licenses reassures our clients that the design services offered are quality-assessed to meet the industry standards for compliant professional practice.

CIDB also requires its accredited firms to commit to continued professional development programs to maintain relevant skills and knowledge. Ensuring the interior designers commissioned are sufficiently trained, educated, and experienced to perform at the highest level is essential for improving public safety, reducing industry complaints, and driving professional standards.

In short, these professionally qualified licenses make our firm well-distinguished from mere amateurs in the field. We will ensure our team continues to deliver quality service up to the government authorities' standards or requirements towards achieving global competitiveness in the interior design industry!

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