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Unveiling The Transformative Experience At Interconnected Conference 2023

Shoutout to Iko In and the incredible iNterconnected team for extending the invite to LLRRD on 14 December 2023! The conference was not just an event; it was a pivotal moment that left an indelible mark on our team's journey in the interior design field.


A Game-Changing Experience

The session at iNterconnected was an absolute gem, a treasure trove of knowledge that surpassed our expectations. We entered with anticipation and left with a wealth of insights that are already reshaping our approach to interior design. The speakers from Sandor, Nabco, and the 3G panel were nothing short of inspiring, contributing their wisdom and expertise to an audience eager to absorb every bit.


Igniting a Fresh Fire

A heartfelt thank you to the invited speakers at the conference. The words have ignited a fresh fire within us, sparking a renewed enthusiasm for our craft. The seeds of innovation planted during the conference are now blossoming, pushing our boundaries and encouraging us to strive for excellence in every project we undertake.


Catalyst for Growth

The entire iNterconnected experience catalyzed growth. It wasn't just a conference but a journey that has redefined our perspective on interior design. The collaborative spirit and the power of shared knowledge have propelled us forward, and we are now armed with the tools to redefine excellence in our field.


Ready to Redefine Excellence

As we reflect on the lessons learned and the connections made at the iNterconnected conference, we are fueled with newfound enthusiasm. LLRRD is now more than a design firm; we are a force ready to redefine excellence in interior design. The commitment to innovation and the pursuit of perfection have driven every project we undertake.

Photo courtesy of IN Design

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