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Why Are Interior Designers Essential?

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

The pandemic that hit our life since two years ago has forced us to re-evaluate our home interiors, and of course, interior designers play essential roles in helping us to have a better life and world.

The interior designer's role is to create beauty, comfort, and function by playing around with space, light, color, and furniture while keeping the client's wishes and constraints in mind. But do you think it is essential to get help from interior designers (ID)? LLRD's editorial team reached out to many articles on this for answers.

Making Lives Better

Interior designers' work is meant to improve our quality of life. The way we behave and feel is impacted by our surroundings, and the interior designer role is more critical than ever as we retreat to our homes since the pandemic. A successful interior designer will fix the space function and address scale, organize a desirable aesthetic, inoculate the soul, tell a story for the community, and affect efficiency.

A good interior induces happiness and comforts the soul. It may encourage confidence, empathy, pride, creativity, security, and energy. As an Australian interior designer, Lynne Bradley, says, "the key roles of interior designers are creating a meaningful space that fulfills the community needs, space optimizing and is essential to our community."

It is not only about walls being painted in the latest colors, but it is space that evokes the user desired emotions. A great design achieves this through space manipulation, light, color, materials, textures, furniture, and other elements. Ultimately, all this works together in a graceful balance of form and function. And this is essential because it improves the quality of our life.

Only knowledgeable and well-trained interior designers can handle such challenges as they know the appropriate materials, spaces, and colors.

Contribute To Human Well-Being

The human feature is crucial to interior design, which may have an intense impact on our well-being. The curative role of interior designers in creating well-being while representing the client's ideas in material form. If this is done rightly, it will make clients happy as they recognize themselves in the interior work. Interior designers will do everything they can to create the client's whole world, and this is a form of therapy.

A comfortable home is essential, particularly in the current conditions. And interior designers can help to leave the stress outside, find peace, feel good, and conceivably find inspiration.

Help Consume Better

As trends change from time to time and interior decor becomes a hobby nowadays, overconsumption is becoming a concern. Due to this, interior design is necessary as it makes it possible because if it is well thought through, it will consume less.

There is vast overproduction today, and marketing pushes individuals to buy more and more. However, it is possible to change one’s interior by being minimalist and moving toward that which is essential. And for this, we need to ask ourselves if we need it. This way, we will realize the things we use frequently.

Interior designers can help by encouraging clients to figure out what is essential and proposing more lifelong alternatives. Furniture selection, for example. People usually buy furniture only to abandon it when they get tired. They don't even care that the furniture quality and spaces are essential.

It is recommended to create a durable, simple, and unnoticeable feature, for the most part, picking and choosing elements that could be updated easily according to the latest trend, like cushions, small furniture, lamps, and accessories. In this way, there’s not necessary for us to completely renew the interior when tastes change, which is also a form of sustainability.

Encourage Sustainable Choices

We are now living in a climate change, and lessening natural resources is very relevant. Interior designers, surprisingly, have a responsibility to the community to take sustainable design very gravely. It is because interior designers are the one's select materials, construction methods, and products. They influence how, ecologically, people will be able to interact with their surrounding spaces and have the capability to reduce energy consumption through the interior designers' selections and methods. They also may assist clients with products and finished selections that have a low environmental impact and those which are harvested sustainably.

Materials sourcing is also essential. Sustainable development favors local production to avoid the carbon outflow from transport. Not only for sustainability and reliable supply chains but also to support our local industry. Interior designers are the focal point in educating clients to create further demand for locally sourced products and engaging craftsmen to provide them.

Help Us Adapt Our Interiors to Social Changes

The pandemic has impacted how we use our interiors, highlighting the interior designer role could play in altering our homes to social changes. Homes are now turned into classrooms, offices, gyms, and studios, and so the space function in the future will be immensely different compared to before.

The world is changing rapidly from a society based on competition and conflict. Interior designers need to think about every one of these social themes and simultaneously carry massive expectations from society.

Generally, interior designers help to influence how we live, dine, socialize, entertain, relax and play. So are interior designers an essential service? It is No, but they are Absolutely important service providers!

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